Monday, December 15, 2008

Lights at Temple Square

Wow!! It sure has been a long time since I have updated. I am sorry I will try to do better and updating more often. This year we have talking a lot about some traditions that we want to do as a family. Our kids our getting the age where they are going to remember what we do around Christmas time so we made a list of some things that we want to do. Last Monday night we went with my family to a live Nativity in Alpine. We first met at Barbacoa and got dinner and then we went to a church up in Alpine got all bundled up and rode in a horse trailer to up a barn. It was so neat. There was a live camel, sheep, and donkey. They also had Roman soldiers riding on horses asking for our name and taxes and if we have seen a new born baby. There were people dressed up and doing different things like making baskets, grinding wheat, etc. - acting like people from Bethlehem. Then in a different stable there was Mary, Joseph and the baby. I was so neat to see in real life. Then we went to my moms and had hot chocolate and played games.

Last Wednesday night we went to Temple Square. We first rode Trax from my bothers house to the Gateway and ate at California Pizza Kitchen, mmmm I absolutely love that place. Especially their spinach artichoke dip. If you haven't gotten that there, it is must!! Then we took trax over to the temple and walked around. It was fun to see all the lights. It doesn't matter how many times you have seen the lights they are truly amazing. I can't imagine how much work goes in to that. I did miss the huge red tree though. They stopped doing that a couple years ago and it is missed. Then we went and got some warm drinks at Starbucks. I got the Carmel apple cider. Delicious. So thanks family for the fun couple of days. Here are some pictures:

Taylor all bundled up getting ready to to on Trax, she looks like the kid who can't put his arms down.
Tess and Taylor in front of the Pink trees. Look at Tess striking a pose. She is such a crack up, so does stuff like that all the time.

Me and Kevin in front of the orange lights.

Here is Haley all bundled up riding in her stroller. She was so good. She didn't make a peep all night long and she was in her car seat for a near 4-5 hours. Such a good girl!

Kevin and Taylor riding on Trax

Mom and Taylor - look at Taylor's rosy cheeks
Tess and Taylor enjoying their OWN hot chocolates. Those are perfect for kids they make them so they are just warm. They loved them.

Taylor pulling a funny face!