Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bear Lake

Mckenzie having a good time on the boat

Kevin getting some air on the wakeboard!!1

Haley striking a pose on the dock. Such a beach Babe!!!

Last week we went up to Bear Lake with my family. It was so much fun!! We stayed at my friend's cabin which was so nice. We hung out, got lots of Raspberry Shakes, watched movies, ate yummy food, went to Raspberry days and got rained on!!!, and best of all went boating. There aren't many things in life that I would rather do then be out on the boat. I LOVE it.

The water was a bit chilly, but we still had fun. We spent almost the whole day on Thursday out on the lake. The water and weather was perfect all day. The kids loved it. I was so proud of my kids. They both got in the lake and swam, which was pretty brave considering the tempurature of the water. Then Tess, my niece went out on the knee board. When she was finished I asked Haley if she wanted to and she said, "yes" stood up, and went to the back of the boat and got in the water with Eric, my brother and went on the knee board. She did so good. Eric said that he kept asking her if she wanted to get back in the boat and she kept saying NO!! She loved it. The water splashed in her face a little bit, I think that is the only thing that bothered her.

Taylor also went on the knee board. I was so proud of her. Last year when we went to Lake Powell she didn't want to do ANYTHING. So this year I kind of expected the same thing. So I told her I would buy her and ice cream cone if she did it, and she said ok. So out she went with Eric. I didn't get any pictures of her because my battery on my camera died so I will have to get some from my parents to show you, but here are some pictures of our vacation.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Thank you Mel for pointing out that I put up the wrong flyer. Sorry. I totally didn't notice that the dates were wrong. Here is the correct one.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

SugarBerry Designs

I started a business where my friend Ashley and I sell children necklaces. We are going to be selling them at Bliss Boutique during Strawberry days. Come and check us out. We are way excited!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taylor's Pre-School Gradutaion

Last night Taylor graduated from her first year of pre-school. I can't believe it, time goes by way too fast. At her Christmas program her class sang a bunch of Christmas songs, well the rest of the class did, Taylor didn't want anything to do with it. It was actually kind of funny. She just stood there and looked around at everyone like, "What is going on?" Then what was really funny is at the end of the program Haley walked up to the front and mouthed words like she was singing along. So anyway, we thought that maybe she had gotten over her shyness in the last 5 months and that she would perform at this program, well once again she didn't. She stood up there and looked out at her Grandma the whole time with a little smirk on her face. Maybe next year. Here are a couple of pictures of her at her graduation.

My Little Haley

Oh Haley!! She is such a sweet little girl. I just love her so much. She is my little girl that has so much fire within her, which at sometimes can be a real struggle to deal with, but on the other hand her fire makes me smile. She is definitely a two year old. She is learning her limits and finding out what she likes and doesn't like. Lately she learned that she doesn't like to have elastics in her hair and so she has been ripping them out when I put her down for her nap, along with LOTS of her hair. So I decided it was time for a hair cute. So my dear friend, Erin cut her hair. I think that it turn out so cute. I totally fits her personality. I love it. Love you Haley!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Baby

Oh this baby is soooo HAPPY. She LOVES to smile and talk to you, it just melts my heart. I don't remember my other babies smiling and talking this early. She is starting to fill out. She is getting chubby cheeks and rolls on her arms and legs. She is such a good baby. We just love her.