Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Baby

Oh this baby is soooo HAPPY. She LOVES to smile and talk to you, it just melts my heart. I don't remember my other babies smiling and talking this early. She is starting to fill out. She is getting chubby cheeks and rolls on her arms and legs. She is such a good baby. We just love her.



Oh Ali, she is SO cute. I love your new pics of your kiddos. They are all so darling. I can't believe how much Haley has changed. Such a cute little family.

Jessica Jewkes said...

She had changed SO MUCH! She's pretty darn cute! Good job updating your blog :)

Aly G said...

She is such a dollly you really should have a dozen more! I love that age where they goo & smile. Love her eyes!