Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Suds in the Dishwasher

So yesterday I was thinking about what to do with my dishes. I thought for a second and thought I should put dish soap in there because it smells good and washes dishes well, then thought no that is a stupid idea. Suds would explode everywhere. That is pretty common sense not to put dish soap in the dishwasher, right? So then I called my brother, Jon and he said maybe to try a little bleach just for the washing cycle, usually bleach kills the smell. So I thought great I will try that. So last night I come home after being out with my mom and the dishwasher is going. So I asked Kevin, "You are washing them again?" He said, yes. I said, "then that is the fifth time, because I did it again today." So then he says, "I put a little bit of dish soap in there hoping it kill the smell because the dish soap smells good." I give him a look like, oh my gosh. So about 20 minutes later we look over and there are suds pouring out of the dishwasher and they keep coming. We open it up and there are suds everywhere. So another lesson learned, which probably everyone already knows, don't put dish soap in the dishwasher.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

rotten milk

So the other day I went down stairs to get something and I noticed a sippy cup laying on the ground. So I brought it up stairs and gave it to Kevin to put in the dishwasher because it was rotten chocolate milk and I wanted nothing to do with it. Neither did he. He said, "we should throw it away." But my cheap self said, "no just wash it out and put it in the dishwasher." Mostly because I swear that I have bought at least 30 sippy cups in Taylor's life time and we now have like 6 or 7. How do they just disappear. Anyway. Yesterday I go to clean out the dishwasher and it stinks. So I pick up a cup and smell it and it is sick. Then I pick up another and again the same thing, all my dishes stink, even my class cups. Remember at the library and you would open a book and it smelled yucky, kind of old and like throw up a little bit, well ya, that is what all my dishes smell like. So I have washed them three times, and it doesn't seem to be helping. So I don't know what to do. Any suggestions. I can't eat off of dishes that smell like throw-up and I can't throw them all away. Help!! Can you buy something at the store for your dishwasher? So my advice to you is when you find a really old sippy cut that has milk in it. Throw it away.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Random Pictures

Here are some random pictures that I have been meaning to post, but just haven't...

Since Taylor has been blessed with such wonderful hair, sometimes she wakes up looking like this...

Here is Haley just being cute in her favorite swing. This is where she spends most of her time.
I took Tess and Taylor over to my mom's a week or so ago to go swimming. They thought is was pretty fun.
Here is Taylor filling up her containers full of water.
Here they are having a cool drink after swimming.

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July we went up to Ashley's family cabin at Bear Lake. It was us, the Black's, and the Randall's. We had a blast. We spent Friday and Saturday boating. I have forgotten how much fun boating is. We all surfed. This was Kevin's second time surfing and my first. It is pretty fun once you get the hang of it. Kevin did a good job. We had a lot of fun boating and playing on the beach. Taylor did not like the beach. She is a little OCD when it come to having dirt on her feet, so you can imagine her on a muddy beach. All she wanted to do was sit on the chair and clean her feet off. It was pretty funny. It was a fun weekend. Thank you to the Black's for inviting us.

Tyler and Taylor in the twinner life jackets. They look pretty excited!!
I bought the smallest life jacket possible for Haley. As you can see it doesn't fit very well. Luckily I brought one of those swimming suits that you put in those blow up things. That fit much better.